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    7 North Street

    Litchfield, CT 06759

    The Discerning Palate Store
    In store view La Vosgienne Griottes Baresi Pepperoncini Caputo Chef's Flour St Michel Traditional French Sponge Cakes Giuseppe Cocco Egg Pasta Proscuitto Vantia SweetyPepp Huile de Noisette Hazelnut Oil Le Prince Apricot Nectar Another view inside the store Refrigerator Items

    About Us

    The Discerning Palate was born out of my passion for good food and the sincere belief that sharing delicious foods with people is a way to show you care for them.

    Being of Italian heritage, whose dishes have few ingredients, I've learned good ingredients are essential. As a pilot for a major airline, I've had the opportunity to travel to Europe countless times for business and pleasure. Each time I would visit markets, large and small, bringing back tastier versions of mostly everyday items. Many of these are what we at The Discerning Palate are excited to offer you.

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    Call ahead and we will have your order ready upon arrival

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